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Ke‘elikolani Middle School offers a variety of after school clubs. They are a great way to get students involved in activities they are passionate about and learn valuable skills in the process. 


Colored Theatre Lights

A club for all students interested in dramatic, comedic, and improvisational theater, whether through a desire to perform, work behind the scenes, or simply attend. Experience not required! Activities include on-campus performances, group outings to see plays at local theaters, and workshops/games on acting and performance.

Advisor: Abigail Palmer


Cooking Ingredients

The Iron Chef Club provides students with a fun, interactive approach to cooking with an introduction to healthy food choices and valuable cooking skills.

Advisor: Charmaine Ahmed and Miyuki Rogers


Chess Board

The Princess Ruth Keelikolani Middle School Chess Club is both a competitive and social club. English Chess Grandmaster, Simon Williams once stated, “The beauty of chess is it can be whatever you want it to be. It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender, and socioeconomic background. Whatever your circumstances, anyone can enjoy a good fight to the death over the chess board.” The Chess Club is open to all students regardless of their chess knowledge and skill. For beginners, students learn the basics of chess and are able to play against peers of similar skill level and learn from advanced players. For advanced players, students learn techniques and strategies to claim victory over their opponent. As a social club, students play chess with peers as well as volunteers from the community to build relationships through challenge and fun. As a competitive club, both exhibition matches and tournaments are frequently held between various schools on Oahu. ” We hope to see you on the chessboard!

Advisor: Mr. Brandon Galarita


The Princess Ruth Ke‘elikolani Middle School Young Men’s Club (YMC) is a social club whose mission is to foster in young men leadership through a sense of belonging, responsibility, excellence, aloha and well-being. The values of the club are Responsibility, Aloha, Grit, Humility, Confidence, and being Goal Focused. The YMC aims to build relationships through meaningful conversations, team sports and activities, and community service. The club also aims to build leadership skills by teaching skills, lifting up confidence, and supporting independence.


Advisor: Mr. Galarita



The Young Women's Club is to give girls a space where they can be themselves, learn about being a strong and independent female leader, gain confidence, and overall have fun!


Advisors:  Paul Hamamoto, Evelyn Cullen, and Nara Takakawa

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