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The purpose of our organization is to help the school promote academic excellence and service to their community. The school will encourage, inspire and incentivize students to learn, study and develop positive attitudes and values necessary to make responsible decisions in their current lives and carry over into their adult lives. Education should result in individual self-fulfillment as well as pride in their school and community. Our students are the future of our community.

The Foundation is taking a business approach in helping PRK School improve academic performance and community service. The organization is using business principles, a system that has proven effective in motivating people to perform at their highest levels and take great pride in their achievements.

The PRK School Renaissance Foundation is a partnership of the Bank of Hawaii, Rotary Club of Downtown HNL, Harris Methodist Church, We Are Oceania,

Nuuanu YMCA, and PRK school educators.

PRK Middle School will implement the concepts of Renaissance to promote and reward academic excellence and community service by focusing on four major goals.


Have a GPA between



No suspensions


No class A, B, C referrals


Three hours of community service per quarter

Scholarship Program

The PRK Middle School Renaissance Program will reward the top three students in all seven subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health, Fine Arts, and Vocational Technology), in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Outstanding Students

The School will also recognize and award two exemplary students, Ke‘elikolani Award, and Outstanding Academic Award.

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